Lewfu Cervecería


Brand Design, Graphic Design



In 2015, I immersed myself in the culture of a rural Mapuche community, Llaguepulli, in Southern Chilean Patagonia, While living with the community and working on the marketing website for their small eco-tourism business, I collaborated and lived with a family to help them design a business with the intent that it would strengthen local agricultural practices as well as utilize the small tourist economy that the community has built over the years. Through a difficult but rewarding process, I helped build and instruct a small home brewery setup and designed a brand and beer labels at the family's direction and the community's input.

Marketing Website UI & Label Design: Mapuche means 'people of the land.' With a very deep connection to their land, the family chose Lewfu as the brand name, which means 'lake' in their native Mapudungun language. Living on a special lake near the coast, the label depicts the lake that the community is situated on.

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