Observation Kit


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When I first was introduced to meditation, I found it difficult to grasp and comprehend. Because I'm a visual learner, I was often captivated by the visual metaphors teachers would use to help illuminate certain concepts regarding the inner workings of the mind. As an extension of my practice, I wanted to build an educational content brand based on these metaphors. Observation Kit is a visual tool kit aimed to educate and engage people in their mindfulness and meditation practices through illustration, animation, and the words of wise teachers. My hope is to re-design and re-brand mindfulness and meditation content to be more fun and cool without stripping it of its powerful, spiritual potential for transforming people's lives. You can view the project at www.observationkit.com

Desktop and Mobile Website
Welcome Animation
Each object in the Kit is tied to an educational modal popup
Animations using After Effects
Animations using After Effects
Animations using After Effects

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